An app that can be used to learn simply based technologies on artificial intelligence -
Artificial Intelligent is a concept that is still the world's leading tech companies experimenting at the research level and formulated applications at some level. Applications that compilate computer schemes and hardware segments alike have now spread worldwide as new trends in the tech world. Although complex matters, these subjects are more likely to be enrolled in even school curriculum in the near future. As IT teachers you have basic level or knowledge about this, having the ability to form a simple level or application using these techniques can be very useful in the future. An app that can be used in simplicity has still been formulated to develop this knowledge.
This software called Puctoblox is available at This software can be operated on any operating system like Window, Android, Mac, Linux. It can be used without payment and coding like Scratch software so the software can be used to introduce these techniques to students.
Among the technologies included here
CV-Computer vision or technology to identify the faces we simply know.
IoT - Technology of handling electrical devices through the internet that use macro material internet everyday
Object detection-Technology to identify objects specialized in photos and videos based on CV
Neuro network-Technology to create applications according to the activities of the human neuron system
Data logger-Methods of auto-recording of data computer file obtained by various sensors and input methods
Developing boards and sensors like Arduino, motos, and many applications based on artificial intelligence can be simply studied from this. The application will help an IT teacher update his knowledge and skills a lot compared to the updates in the technology world.

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